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Crossing into Afghanistan in search of the lost city of Bactra, Adams uses the Ancient Greek accounts as a guide to try and locate the city.

Long thought to be the citadel of Balkh, the Greeks accounts appear to describe a different city entirely. In the markets beneath the citadel, he finds evidence to suggest Bactra may lye out towards the Oxus River at the end of a great delta. Entering Talban territory, David and his cameraman Greg discover the remains of a vast defensive network of walls and fortresses more than 2500 years old. Bactra tough remains elusive. Then a chance meeting leads David into the legendary Paropamisus Mountains of the Greeks. Entering Taliban territory once again, he follows a system of archaic tunnels that lead into a hidden valley. As he explores an abandoned archaeological dig site, he realize the Greek accounts match the geography that surrounds him – what lies before him is the lost city of Bactra just as the Greeks described it.

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